Pickup before 6:30 PM

$20 a day per Dog


Overnight or Pickup after 6:30 PM

$25 a day per Dog
Contact Us for availability!


- If over 12 weeks old must have proof of rabies
- Must have had DHLPP or DHPP within the past 3 years. If a puppy must have had at least 2 vaccines in this series.
- Bordatella/Kennel Cough shot or oral vaccine within 1 year. Please do not receive nasal vaccine if planning on being in daycare within 1 week from it being administered.
- Make sure your Pooch is current on monthly flea treatment. If not following a monthly regiment please get a dose from your Veterinarian.
- Must have current years license or lifetime license if you live in Pennsylvania. Tag needs to be on collar. Collar does not have to be worn at daycare but must be provided for presentation to Pennsylvania dog warden.
- All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
NEW!- new 1/2 acre fenced in grass play yard !

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Contact Us to see a map where we are located and get directions. We are usually only minutes away!